Chiropractic care is natural, safe, and effective. Whether you're trying to regain lost mobility, overcome chronic pain, or fine tune your fitness, chiropractic can help. Dr. Sam, originally from Springfield, has traveled the world to find the most effective and safe approaches to help you live your best life in the only body you get to do it in.

Dr. Sam Oertel

Dr. Oertel is a health and wellness expert. He holds a bachelor's degree in physical education from Illinois State University and a doctorate in chiropractic (HON) from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.

He practices a highly advanced system of chiropractic called the Gonstead Method. He is one of only 3 doctors in central IL that are able to perform this technique.

Dr. Oertel lives and breathes healthy living and he is more than equipped to help you reach your health goals, whether simply to get out of pain, or reach peak athletic performance. It is his passion to help you become the healthiest you can be and empower families to regain spinal health and live their best lives through natural chiropractic care.